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故事是這樣說的:有一天獅子媽媽發現他的小孩已經會閱讀書本了,媽媽就買了一本書給小獅子看,這本書的名字叫”the little lion”小獅子非常的高興,就利用爸媽出去狩獵時看這一本書。

當爸媽出門時告訴小詩子要當個好獅子!!不要離開家裡..所以小獅子很乖的呆在家看他的書~且看了一整天…. ”the little lion”book 內容是說~一個叫oscar p lion的冒險故事,有一天小獅子oscar p lion的爸媽外出去狩獵~留小獅子一個人在家,它感覺呆在家很厭倦所以他決定到外面的世界走走…

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    Lion's mother finds one day that his child will already read the books,

    mother bought a book to read for the little lion,

    this book is " the little lion " little extraordinary happiness of lion,

    utilize parents to read this book while going out to go hunting.

    Tell the little poem son want to act as a good lion when parents go out! !

    Don't leave family..

    So the little lion is very obedient stays and reads his book to justs

    look at for a whole day at home­.

    " the little lion " book content mean one of the little lion call risky

    story of oscar p lion, go out to go hunting and stay the little lion

    at home alone outside the parents of little lion oscar p lion one day,

    it feels and stays and is very tired of at home so he decides to go

    to the external world to take a walk .....

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    The story is says like this: Day lion mother discovered he the child already could read the books, mother bought a book to look for the small lion, this book name was called "the little lion" small lion unusual happiness, exited when the hunting using the father and mother reads this book. When the father and mother leave the gate tells the poem to have to work as good lion! ! Do not leave in the family. Therefore small lion very clever staying in the home looked his book ~ also looked one all day... "the little lion" the book content is said ~ calls oscar p lion the risk story, one day small lion oscar p lion father and mother egress hunt ~ to keep a small lion person in the home, it felt stays in the home is weary of very much therefore he decided outside world...

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