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    I am come from Taiwan's Taipei, though distance very far, but I very like travel

    Maybe we this year 7 or 8 month can meet, actually that day looked you at XXX de describe behind

    I too feel very have resonance, by chance's I from childhood then to XXX have unexplainable be infatuated with with meaning excessive

    I too always taking the opportunity go XXX

    After all, I feel can have chance see your character

    Too is fate

    I too hope can have furthur contact between us

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    下面這個網站超級推薦!!相信一定可以解決你的問題(人格保證,絕不是病毒) (貼至瀏覽器就大功告成了)

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    XXX依照文意來看的話,指的應該是一個地方,所以個人建議這樣翻譯:I am from Taipei, Taiwan.  Although it is quite far away from XXX, yet I really like traveling.  Maybe we can meet each other in July or August this year.  In fact, after reading your description about XXX, I feel I have something in common with you.  I have had a kind of infatuation with XXX since I was young, so I visit XXX when I have chances.Anyway, I feel it's a destiny to have the opportunity of reading what you write.  I hope we can have further contacts with each other.

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    though distance very far?

    but I very like travel?


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    I am come from the Taiwan Taibei, although is away from very far, but I like travelling very much

    Perhaps our this year 7 or in August may meet, actually that day looked at you after XXX description

    I also thought has the sympathetic chord very much, I since childhood on to XXX have the inexplicable love to be obscene by chance with Italy

    My also Chang Chiehchi goes XXX

    In brief, I thought can have the opportunity to see your writing

    Also is the fate

    I also hoped between us can have the further contact

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