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一、A hike through them allows you to experience their beauty up close.

up close是什麼用法呢??片語嗎??

二、Greated entirely out of cardboard,Gehry\'s tables and chairs curve into unique shapes.

第二句想請教的是 Greated entirely out of cardboard 這一句的文法和語意????

三、That\'s the scope of a project recently proposed for Brooklyn, New York.



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    一、up close 或 close up要一起看,他們都是副詞片語!表示相隔很近的!. . . experience their beauty up close就是近距離的體驗他們的美!(up close副詞修飾動詞experience)二、我覺得你的Greated是打錯字了,應該是Created(因為great並不能當動詞用,所以判斷是你的筆誤)!Created entirely out of cardboard, Gehry's tables and chairs curve into ....Created . . cardboard 為一分詞片語,修飾主要子句的主詞Gehry's tables and chairs,表示這些桌子椅子都是取材自硬紙版創作出來的:(Gehry's tables and chairs are) created entirely out of cardboard, Gahry's tables and chairs . . .因為沒有連接詞,所以括號內的主詞與be動詞要略去才行!三、That's (That is 分別為這整句話的主詞跟動詞) the scope of a project (which was) recently proposed (proposed在此非動詞,它只是一個過去分詞用來引導分詞片語而已,原句是一個形容詞子句which was recently proposed所省略後的結果) for Brooklyn, New York.第二三兩題都牽涉到分詞片語,這部份的文法觀念你可能要多加強!

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