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    在下先勸您一句..儘量不要看中文的生化書, 因為翻譯得有時候會很模糊, 而且多看原文書, 以後看paper會比較方便~ 真的~!!A. Affinity(親合力) - Antibody affinity is the strength of the reaction between a single antigenic determinant and a single combining site on the antibody. It is the sum of the attractive and repulsive forces operating between the antigenic determinant and the combining site of the antibody.B. Avidity(總結合力) - Avidity is a measure of the overall strength of binding of an antigen with many antigenic determinants and multivalent antibodies. Affinity refers to the strength of binding between a single antigenic determinant and an individual antibody combining site whereas avidity refers to the overall strength of binding between multivalent antigens and antibodies. Avidity is influenced by both the valence of the antibody and the valence of the antigen. Avidity is more than the sum of the individual affinities.

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