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    Clerk: Welcome! What kind of gas?Customer: Ninety-eight full, please.Clerk: Do you need a Business Number?Customer: No, thanks.Clerk: One hundred and twenty, please. Do you have a member card?Customer: No, what's that?Clerk: With this card, you can accumulate points each time you fuel and exchange some gift or discount. Customer: How can I get that card? Should I pay?Clerk: Yes, three hundred dollars each card.Customer: Um… Thanks, I don't think I need one.Clerk: Here is your change. Thank you. Customer: Thanks anyway. Goodbye.中文翻譯店員:歡迎光臨,哪種油?客人:麻煩98加滿店員:需要統一編號嗎?客人:不用,謝謝店員:總共一百二十元,有會員卡嗎?客人:沒有,會員卡是什麼?店員:憑會員卡可以集點換贈品或是折抵消費客人:要怎樣才有會員卡?要花錢買嗎?店員:一張卡三百元客人:嗯…謝謝,我想我不需要店員:這是您的找錢,謝謝光臨客人:謝了,掰掰

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