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    可以 Windmills at Consuegra, Spain 為介紹標題Consuegra, Spain (48 miles south of Madrid on the plains of La Mancha) is the saffron capital of La Mancha. It is historic in that it is home to the hilltop windmills the notorious knight, Don Quixote, battled with!


    In October, the fields all around Consuegra are purple with saffron crocuses. These flowers appear overnight, and the three female stigmas must be hand-picked from each one immediately - each flower produces only once. The stamens are then dried in private homes to become "red gold" worth $1,500 per kilogram (2.2 lbs.). The process, which requires 4,000 crocuses to make 2 grams (0.7 oz.) of saffron, has been used for 700 years.The Windmills of Spain Spanish windmills, like those described in Cervantes' Don Quixote can be found in the province of La Mancha in central Spain. The best examples of restored Spanish windmills may be found in Consuegra where several mills spike the hill just outside of town, providing a spectacular view of the 12th century castle and of the town. The castle was once a stronghold when Consuegra was the seat and priory of the Knights of San Juan--the Spanish branch of the Knight's Hospitallers of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Windmills are also located in Mota del Cuervo, Tomelloso, and Campo de Criptana.

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