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    Knew from friend's at the earliest stage virtuous and clear had the independence to solicit students, Be serving as soldier with of[with] studying, I chose at read for 2 years, book, probably should say that find the school is mixing for 2 years, hence 托 my friend help buy the summary of rules, even didn't know at that time other departments was to do the 麻 , only knew oneself's English a little bit can also, so test the applied foreign language department, very rejoice of have already passed examination.

    Separated for a year to once more again return to the school, the feeling that re-collects the lesson originally really is have a little the excitement, didn't do amiss choice for the oneself and happy.The freshman trains that day, don't easily find out the home room very much, after introducing myself a to date all get along with everyone of very good.

    Through 2 years of dozen mix, 2 skills also tested to finish, seeing Be leading and willing graduate to just suddenly finding I wasting for 2 years again for 2 months, English degree has no progress, this kind of thing feels the doesn't matter feel and have another sad and then is for the doesn't matter much sad.I really learn not lovely, before have already made a wrong, now still again make once, always has been feeling the oneself is wise I originally also only so-so, only worthy of rejoicing is I know me have no the 3 years can waste, also can't pull!

    Wish the virtuous and clear and the most beautiful female teacher in my heart, surname the leaf is an emi, fulfilling, wishing the happiness with everyone spend each time at that time!


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