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    This summer vacation,most of the time was spent on working,I barely had any leisure activities. Apart from going back to my hometown in Hung-Trun,going to the beach to catch fish,my friends and I went shopping,singing and dancing!I even visited my high school teacher and her husband.I stayed at home to chat with my mom or watch movies otherwise. I lived an ordinary holiday,and so far this is my summer vacation

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    TING,your tense is totally wrong, the summer vacation has past,so all the tense should be in past tense and not present tense : )

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  • This year summer vacation, certainly majority of all is working, very little has any leisure activity, except has a vacation the temperate native place, or is catches the fish to the seashore, otherwise is window-shops with the friend, sings, dances! Sometimes also can visit high school teacher with teacher ten feet, but sometimes can chat with mother in the home or make tea watches the movie, day is very ordinary, this is my summer vacation life.

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    this summer holiday i was at work most of the time. not much extra activities except going back to ma old home in hung trun, fishing at the sea or just shopping, singing and dancing with my friends. sometimes i payed a visit to my college teacher and her husband. sometimes i stayed at home with my mum and watched movies with her. the days were pretty much the same. that is my summer holidays

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