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    "All good things come to an end", but graduate is not the end for us, it is the beginning of a new journey.天下沒有不散的延席...畢業不是一個結束...而是一個新的旅途的開始...The wind of June softly breezed over the graduates' glorious faces. It seems like it's telling us the six year's fruits from our hard-working and the trees that we plant in the school is finally ready for harvest.六月的徐風輕輕吹拂在畢業生的臉上...他似乎在告訴我們六年來(三年也可以)種下的努力已經開準備開花結果...As the saying goes, "Time Flies!" Six years (or three years) in xxx school was almost over, and I am going to be a junior high student (or senior high).俗話說的好...光陰似箭...六年的時光已經到達了尾聲...而我也將要變成了一個國中生...Graduate is not the end; it is for us to move on to something that is more important or more difficult. Graduation is a milestone for the difficult road ahead of us.畢業不是結束...他讓我們走向一個更辛苦更艱難的路...畢業是一個通往更艱難的路途的里程碑...

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