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有一次在偶然的機會下,欣賞一部\'\'睡美人 芭蕾舞劇\'\'看著腳上穿著把蕾舞鞋的舞者,輕盈的舞步,一陣小跑步下,跳躍,在懸空的狀況下,把腿呈現極完美的一直線,加上超夢幻的澎裙,更是把舞者襯托的美麗誘人,也因為這部芭蕾舞劇讓我更瘋狂的愛上芭蕾。




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    My interest, is yearned for works as a dance technique to be excellent, strange its technique ballet dancing girl Lin,

    But the ballet is an interest which I most loves.

    I studied have danced, but only was for a while.

    Some time under the accidental opportunity, appreciates '' to rest beautiful woman ballet ballet '' to look on the foot puts on the flower bud dance shoes dance, the lithe dance step, jog under, jumps, under the hanging condition, presents the leg an extremely perfect straight line, in addition the ultra illusion Peng skirt, is serves as contrast beautifully the dance is attractive, also because this ballet ballet crazily lets me fall in love with the ballet.

    After appreciates the ballet play, I then frequently 拉筋, divide the leg, moreover each people all knew, regarding is not the ballet person, divides the leg, is a difficult matter, but I have overcome, although does not have the specialized dance to divide the leg, such correct, then relaxed, but I or can continue to let own muscle pull loosely, divides leg this matter to do is better.

    I in the network auction, have also purchased pair of ballet dance shoes, when I receive the dance shoes that moment I really good excited, hurried put on it, the pad gets up the tip of the toe, I thought the oneself picture is in the stage dance, good happy is beautiful.

    Until now, the ballet dance shoes always are my most treasure thing, the ballet also always are my interest, I really have this interest for me, but feels proud, because it lets me quite joyfully, good is happy.

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