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    ' that is the best era, that is the worst era; That is intelligent era, that is ignorant

    Era; That is era of faith , era that that suspects ; That season when being bright, that is black

    Season when being dark; That is the spring hoping, that is desperate winter; Our future has everything

    ,There is not some of future of ours; We are all heading direct for the paradise , we are all heading direct for the looks

    Direction ' <1 note instead >

    The story is the main stage with London and two cities of Paris, with the French large leather of the end of the 18th century

    Background it is in life , it narrate by French the graceful in the doctors to endure Germany know one noble last savage act of people for some reason but

    Want to put up the hair to the government, but has been framed and entered the bus bottom prison for 18 years by the noble . Received hotels later

    Host, it that is to say because in the past on he it is strange in law in Germany in servants for Sir, and win work thunder of bank of Germanies first

    Grow and succour , and daughter Lucy fetches Britain home. Coincidence is, they knew originally for some reason

    Frame graceful Knight that person that Mr. is put in prison inheritor of noble check ¡¤ person love Buddha to be strong to cover with specially. Cha Er

    Person hate him of quite because it oppress the families vicious behaviour of people of, so just live Dahl the souths at assumed name ¡¤ in ErShi Cha in

    Britain, ,and fall in love with Lucy , get married. Unwilling to have relation with the person of the family again in the south of Dahl,

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    Even after he has inheritted legacies, try one's best to favour the wealth well the people too. However, all sorts of of his Good will is not forgiven for the cruel member of a nationality eventually , and then is arrested and put in prison, is sentenced to death. Adore finally

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    Burn Karl of Lucy step on intelligence of using , sacrifice oneself, replace the south of Dahl and get on the guillotine, the south of Dahl

    Just saved.

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    "That is the best times, that is the worst times;That is the times of[with] intelligence, that is the ignorant times;That is the devotional times, that is the times of[with] doubt;That is the bright hour season, that hour season that is dark;That is the spring of[with] hope, that is the despairing winter;Our prospect has everything, our prospect what also have no;We all Be going straight to the heaven, we all Be going straight to the contrary direction"

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