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    This book was written by a doctor, the one that see him in the hospital is grown and, use one one record of characters

    The title is named - Who cries in the distant place

    Ann, always because slight fracture and scotch are sent to the hospital, and blame medical personnel Ann on the hospital that mother can cry bitterly aside always of him like the China doctor very much, is it when he fits leaving hospital last month at one's side , give China doctor him with knapsack to wind always when in hospital, it is all some signs of car one month later that in the knapsack, Ann was sent to the hospital, but after condition of an injury this time pass for a moment urgent seriously very much, Ann that Ann's mother hold aside to mumble on the ground to leave this world - me? ,Fault of me China doctor know mother to get Ann ask Ann go train in rich man make and wipe colliding finally, seek compensation from the other side Ann always allowing oneself receive heavy injury too carefully in the past and then, but Ann Bo show mercy this time is it drive car is it go to collide , is it expire one's own life to choose direct to live in

    I once saw the news of the family on TV recently, let me remember again this story was as parents utilized one's own power , order, coerce one's own child not to go to the school to go to school and let the child follow parents to beg outside, will not the child's soul be injured?

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