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    There's a limited amount of electricity in Taiwan, if effective management of electricity can be attained, then the problems of electricity shortage during the summer could be greatly reduced. With a simple step such as stoping the unneccessary waste of electricity by turning of switches, if every family can pay attention to these steps, then it is possilbe to save a lot of electricity and money. On top of that, earth is also saved along the way, by all means, saving electricity should be a common consensus to everyone. We should remember that "It is everybody's responsibility to conserve electricity."

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    Taiwan's electric power is limited,If completes with the electric quantity effective management,Summer can largely reduce every year with the electric quantity question,

    Some do not need to use the electricity all should conveniently close him,Although this only is the small movement,But if each and every family all can note these small places,Was allowed to save very many electric powers and the money,And simultaneously achieves protects the Earth the responsibilityIn brief,Frugal uses electricity is the mutual recognition which each person should have,We should sincerely record "frugal to use electricity,Everybody has a responsibility "

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