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    The teacher is scolding the student on duty: "the blackboard is dirty, the floor is unswept, and the globe...." he touched it and say " is full of dust!"

    The student said: "teacher, the place you're touching is Sahara desert."

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    人家就明明說不要翻譯軟體的整句翻譯了 就是有人看不懂 很奇怪耶

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    The desert of SaharaThe teacher was scolding the student on duty."The blackboard is so dirty, and the floor......the globe..." She touched the globe......"dirt all over!!!The student on duty answered:"Teacher, you're touching the desert of Sahara!"

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    The teacher is reprimanded on duty for the day and rawly: ' blackboard so the dirty, too it sweep ,in globe ¡­' feel and say with hands: ' dust all! '

    It is grown and said that on duty for the day: ' the teacher, the place that you feel is exactly Sahara Desert. '

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    這好笑嗎?? : )

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