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Art Hotel with 30 rooms for the individual and intellectual world traveler. Each of the distinct rooms are designed by celebrated and honored Thai and international designers. Deco, style and spirit reflect the taste of the fantasyful creative temper of each designer and will definitive satisfy art lovers.

The small Art Hotel includes Pool and stylish Restaurants with large opener area to relax and enjoy Asian and seafood and also Japanese kitchen.A place away from the contemporary global style ·a place for fantasy and make your dreams come true

Indoor facilities:

Internet Connect (ADSL), Wireless Internet

International Phone ,

Satellite TV ,

DVD player ,

Mini bar ,

Bathroom with hot &cold water ,

Air conditioner ,



Outdoor facilities :

Pool under sunshine,

24 Hour room service



Our friendly JOIN BUS service to Paradise of Thailand ::

:: Explore Bangkok & Nearby Cities ::

- Sight Seeing Service

- Air ticket (Domestic, Worldwide)

- Hotel Reservation, Worldwide

- Package Tour (Inbound, Outbound)

- Car / Van Rental

- Visa Service

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    有個體和智力的世界旅行者 30 個房間的藝術旅館。 由設計每一個(這些)截然不同房間慶祝和使泰國和國際的設計者增光了。 除去部隊長, 風格和精神反映(反射)每一個設計者的幻想的有創造力(性)脾氣的味道和將確定滿足藝術戀人 。

    小藝術旅館包括水池和流行的餐館在大開局人地區(範圍)裡(以)放鬆和享受(欣賞)亞洲(的)和 海鮮 以及日本(語)的廚房。 地方遠離現代全球風格·對(用 )於 幻想的地方和使你(們)的夢(想)實現室內設備: 網之間連接 ( ADSL ) 有熱(炎熱) &冷的 水, 空氣調節器, 陽台, 卡拉OK 戶外設備: 陽光下的水池, 24 小時房間(空間)服務的無線網之間國際電話 直觀裝置 選手, 衛星 電視 , 迷你酒吧(條), 洗澡間。

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