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英翻中,請幫我看這句An increasing numb..

An increasing number of companies are implementing executive information systems (EIS) . International Data Corporation , a market research firm , predicts that the U.S. market for EIS is growing at a compound annual rate of nearly 40 percent and that expenditures for EIS software development , including the purchase of software , custom consulting , and in-house software development , will grow to $350 million in 1992 [1] .


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    貫徹經營管理資料系統(EIS)的公司正在逐漸增加.  一個名為”國際數據資料公司”的市場調查公司預測, EIS在美國市場上,是以將近40%的年複利率在成長,而EIS軟體之發展,包括購買軟體、購物諮商和庫存軟體發展之支出,在1992年將成長達到3.5億美金。參考看看!

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