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請幫我中翻英履歷表 急需...不要翻譯機翻的...20點








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    A. In this work, let me grow in the computer operation aspect many, the picture was uses Word/Excel/PowerPoint and so on, I all could be handy; But while delivers the archives, also let me know each place room different place; When faces in the work the difficulty, must dare to ask a question, and discusses the best solution way together

    B. When definitely makes to order a matter, I can never give up persist finally, but in this process, if meets cannot the place, consults the other people, goes home accesses the net again receives seeks the material, and rallies own to think the best result, therefore I thought oneself is earnest Is responsible for person which also has the desire to do better

    C. In the billiards society, many skills are not others can be skilled in, but wants the unceasing practice, can be skilled; But in English conversation society, listens to some English songs or English broadcasting station, promotes own hearing, are many and foreign language teacher converses, or reads English article, promotes ability which oneself said

    D. Plays a stringed musical instrument Sings Dances the accumulation which all is needs to experience to be able on a yet higher goal, in study process, own homemade melody Dance step, not only let confidence Canada divide many, moreover the mood has been joyful many, when own work completed, really very much had the achievement feeling

    E. This section of period, only can use English to reply with each person, also had discovered own cannot follow the others, must strengthen the study

    I discovered the specialized knowledge very is really important, how with customer communication Explanation, also is a knowledge, present stage I,

    Is diligently the upward time

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