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限電的英文,用power control說,外國人看得懂嗎?還有沒有其他的說法?請各位提供意見給我。謝謝。

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    限電 = restrictions on electricity use 或 electricity rationing 或 power rationing 請看新聞英文:缺水限電五月天,導致多種服務業停擺、兩千家工廠停工、民眾排隊買水,也讓經濟部水利署長請辭、台電董事長下台,監察院糾正相關單位。惜人事紛爭無法改變缺水事實,水荒陰影依然籠罩北台灣。May was a month of water shortages and restrictions on electricity use, which led many providers of services and 2,000 factories to stop operations. People lined up to buy water, and the director of the Water Resources Agency resigned. The Control Yuan admonished related government agencies, but unfortunately all the bickering did nothing to change the reality of the water shortage. The shadow of drought had already fallen over northern Taiwan.就在府會為缺水吵得口沫橫飛,五月八日台電又以氣候乾旱與景氣復甦、致使電力供應不堪負荷為由,實施無預警限電,對二千多家工業用電戶造成影響。針對被認為造成限電的水庫缺水,台大土木系教授郭振泰指出,台灣水庫先天蓄水量不穩定,實際水力發電量只佔全台發電量一成,限電與缺水並無直接關係。Kuo Jan-tai, a civil engineering professor at National Taiwan University, points out that because the water reservoirs in Taiwan are naturally unreliable storehouses of water, dams usually generate only one-tenth of Taiwan's electricity supply. Hence, the need for electricity rationing cannot be blamed mainly upon the water shortage. In fact, in March Taiwan Power had already begun consuming natural gas at an unsustainable pace, but it did not contact Chinese Petroleum Corporation to increase the supply or attempt to find another solution. It wasn't until consumption reached 150% of replacement levels in May that it finally issued a completely unexpected warning.「缺水限電五月天,告訴國人水文的不確定性,」郭振泰提醒人們注意此次旱災的警訊,平時就要有抗旱準備。"The water shortages and power rationing of this May show the people of Taiwan just how unpredictable water supplies are," says Kuo Jan-tai, who reminds people to take note of this warning from Mother Nature and prepare themselves for the possibility of drought at all times.

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    "Controlled Electricity"

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    Limits the electricity

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