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    Precisely; exactly--------------- just enough salt.

    Only a moment ago------------- He just arrived.

    By a narrow margin; barely--------- just missed being hit; just caught the bus before it pulled away.

    At a little distance--------- just down the road.

    Merely; only--------------- just a scratch.

    Simply; certainly-----------It's just beautiful!

    Perhaps; possibly----------I just may go.


    Alone in kind or class; sole------------------ an only child; the only one left.

    Standing alone by reason of superiority or excellence.

    Without anyone or anything else; alone---room for only one passenger.

    At the very least------------------------------If you would only come home. The story was only too true.

    And nothing else or more-------------------I only work here.

    Exclusively; solely-----------------------facts known only to us.

    In the last analysis or final outcome------------ actions that will only make things worse.

    With the final result; nevertheless--------------received a raise only to be laid off.

    As recently as----------------------------------- called me only last month.

    In the immediate past------------------------------ only just saw them.

    Were it not that; except.

    With the restriction that; but-----------------------You may go, only be careful.

    However; and yet--------------------------------- The merchandise is well made, only we can't use it.

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