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有人看過Pride and Prejudice ~~ 由Penguin Readers 所出版的小說嗎?



所以想懇求你們幫忙 ~~ 拜託


1. What is Mrs. Bennet\'s ambition?

2. What will happen to Mr. Bennet\'s money if he dies?

3. Why does Mr. Bennet want Mr. Collins to marry one of his daughters?

4. Why is Charlotte Lucas glad to marry Mr. Collins?

5. Who does Lady Catherine want her daughter to marry?

6. How does Darcy explain to Elizabeth the facts about Wickham and himself?

7. What did Lydia do which shocked her family?

8. What has Darcy done to help the Bennet family?

9. Why is Lady Catherine displeased with Elizabeth?

10. What does Elizabeth learn about Darcy?

11. Who is \'Pride\' and who is \'Prejudice\' in this story? Give two or three examples of the way these characters

were either proud or prejudiced.

12. In his letter to Elizabeth at Rosings, Mr. Darcy wrote: \'You have, I feel, formed a most inaccurate impression

of me and accused me most unfairly of cruelty towards your sister and towards Mr. Wickham.\'

a. What were the main impressions Elizabeth had of Mr. Darcy at that time?

b. What had caused her to have them?

c. What main events in the rest of the story made Elizabeth slowly change her mind about Mr. Darcy?

d. What adjectives do you think would best describe Mr. Darcy\'s feelings at the moment he wrote those words?

13. Describe the part played by Lady Catherine de Bourgh in eventually creating a good understanding between

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth of how they felt about each other.

如果可以 ~~ 原則上請用英文回答,如果不行 ~~ 中文也沒關係!!


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    1. Mrs Bennet's dearest ambition is to get all of her daughters married to good men from good families

    2. All his money including estates will be passed onto a distant male cousin ( Mr. Collins)

    3. So that the unmarried daughters as well as Mrs Bennet will continue to have a place to live even after Mr Bennet pass away.

    4. Charlotte does not ask for too much of romanticism in marriage and all she ask for is stability and a home, and that is exactly what Mr. Collins is willing to offer her, so as soon as Mr. Collins proposed, she accepted.

    5. Mr. Darcy, her nephew

    6. Through a letter

    7. She eloped with Wickham

    8. paid the 10,000 pounds which Mr Wickham asked for as condition for marrying Lydia after they eloped.

    9.Lady Catherine thinks Elizabeth has a "thing" with Mr. Darcy which she wants for her daughter to marry and at the same time, she thinks Elizabeth is from a lower class and disgraced family and therefore has no right to be in love with Mr Darcy.

    10. That Darcy is not as proud or cruel as Wickham had described him to be, he is in fact a kind brother, a loyal friend and most important of all, a fierce and loyal lover. She also learnt that Mr. Darcy is her admirer.

    11. Pride would be Mr. Darcy and Prejudice would be Elizabeth

    Mr Darcy is very proud and formed an impression or so the very first time he attended the ball at longbourn with Bentley, next to the amiable Bentley, he seemed absolutely stuck up and unwilling to dance with any of the ladies around.

    Elizabeth is prejudiced against Darcy since she had seen him at the ball, she never thought how could one man be so proud and her prejudiced is further confirmed by Wickham's tales of him.

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    12a. Elizabeth thinks of Darcy as he forced her sister and Bentley apart due to difference in societal class (too proud) and also of him chasing Wickham out of Pemberley and refusing to pay him money as Darcy's late father's last wish.

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    太長了你要的話留EMAIL 我傳給你有問題的話在跟我說

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    darcy 是 lady catherine 的 姪子偏見吧

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    第三題怪怪的 她爸不是反對她嫁Mr. Collins w

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    ~Jngfng ( 初學者 2 級 ) ~

    這題的LADY Catherine不是指KITTY!

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    印象中 Catherine 一開始不是對 Darcy 有偏見嗎


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