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國王新衣 中翻英


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Formerly, some very much loved attractive king, ordered in the royal

    palace day in day out the tailor, made different model for him the new

    upper and lower garments. Although tailors very earnest work, but who

    also finds out more new patterns, every day makes the different

    attractive upper and lower garments.

    One day, the tailors the new clothes which just completes,

    demonstrated looked to king. King greatly has a fit of temper

    immediately said that, "This is the new clothes? Such ugly? Rolls,

    entirely rolls to me!" King was mad the tailor and the new clothes, a

    foot kicks very far away.

    King the satisfaction new clothing, had not decided on the city

    streets posts the notice, the above writes: "If some people can make

    let the new clothes which king satisfies, may obtain an great bonus."

    Saw notice the person, biography, the final national tailors all very

    earnest start king's new clothes. After several days, outside the

    royal palace front door, has arranged the long troop, each tailors all

    bring own most satisfied work, wants to obtain king's favor.

    King, this is does with the most beautiful Chinese silk, puts on is

    very noble oh!"

    "This model is most popular, put on has been most fashionable."

    King meets a trying on, he stands in front of the full-length mirror

    looks right and left, then nitpicks saying: "Competes for a chance to

    speak, is such such ugly! Competes for a chance to speak, this variety

    good is old mannish! Competes for a chance to speak, the waist too was

    thick! Competed for a chance to speak...."king one day to try on

    several hundred, picks up satisfaction. Actually certainly is not

    clothes ugly, but was kingOne day, in the royal palace has come two tailors, one high one is

    short, they are confident saying: "We meet one kind of black magic,

    may make in the world the most mysterious clothes." King has listened,

    is extremely happy, hurriedly asked: "What type design is that, what

    variety? Why is in the world the most mysterious clothes? What has is

    special?"'s stature too is fat.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago
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