B. in the morning

第二段A. in the afternoon

第三段A. in the evening


I had a great time yesterday. Because I didn’t have to go to school, I slept until 10:00 in the morning. Then, I had some pancakes, a glass of orange juice, and a peach for my breakfast. At the same time, I read the newspaper and tried to find out about some movies. After that, I got dressed and went to pick up my girlfriend sandy for lunch.

We both enjoyed a delicious meal in a fancy restaurant. Then, as planned, we went to see a romantic movie together. Sandy loved the movie very much, so I was pleased with my excellent choice. Before she returned home, we drank coffee and talked for a while.

In the evening, I cooked some spaghetti for dinner. After surfing the net for about two hours, I took a shower and went to bed happily. It was wonderful to have a relaxing, stress-free day.

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    I had a bad day yesterday. I had a plan and wanted to do things but in the end nothing went well. I wanted to get up early and drive up the mountains to avoid the traffic jams, go grocery shopping in the afternoon and have dinner with my girl friend in a fine restaurant.

    I slept till almost noon and missed a nice spring morning with sun shine and chirping birds. I still went to the mountains but was stuck in the traffics jams.

    The traffic was awful so it took me hours driving back and forth. I also had to wait in the long lines at the cashier and therefore was late for my date with my girl friend.

    I hurried to the restaurant but they canceled my resveration because I was late. My girl friend got mad and left me alone. I drove home by myself with an empty stomach. It was really not my day and I ended up having instant noodles at home alone.

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