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    Application Filing Fees. For commercial AM, FM, and TV broadcast station applications, filing fees must be paid with the submission of any application. These fees are detailed in the Media Bureau Fee Filing Guide, which may be retrieved through the Internet at FCC Application Forms. FCC application forms may be retrieved through the Internet at, by calling the FCC Forms line at (202)-418-3676 and leaving the form number and address on the answering machine provided for that purpose, or by writing to: Federal Communications CommissionForms Distribution Center2803 52nd AvenueHyattsville, MD 20817 and requesting the appropriate form (e.g., FCC Form 340). Broadcast application forms available for electronic filing may be retrieved through FCC Rules. Any FCC rule may be retrieved at the Code of Federal Regulations site at Parts 70 to 79 of the Code of Federal Regulations, which contains the radio and television broadcast station rules in Part 73 and the FM and TV translator rules in Part 74, may also be obtained in book form from the Government Printing Office, 866-512-1800. For your convenience, we have complied the radio broadcast station rules on the Internet at FM translator station rules may be retrieved at These rule lists are updated once a year, after the Code of Federal Regulations is updated to reflect rule changes from the previous year.

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