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Internet dating make it worth taking a chance.

主詞是Internet dating


那麼 it 是受詞worth是受詞補語 是這樣沒錯那

那麼taking a chance 是什麼文法結構 是修飾worth嗎

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    worth 後面+Ving

    所以才會變成worth taking a chance

    be worth+Ving/N

    be worthy+of Ving

    be worthwhile to V

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    那應該沒錯了= =

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    嗯..完整的句子是The excitement and convenience of Internet dating make it worth taking a chance.


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    flaco_jerry, you're right, the sentence should be, "Internet dating makes it worth taking a chance."

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    Why do I feel like you are missing "s" right after "make"? isn't "Internet dating" a sigular???

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