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I think this drama was so nice. Because those actors are not entertainers, but they could make this drama so great, and acquire applause from spectators, it is not easy.

I found there had some advantage and disadvantage. In advantage: first, I felt all actors were very seriously, include two actors portrayal of trees, they did not judder from start to end. Second, prince and princess conjugation very well, they action were very practiced, and had agree by implication. Third, they costumes were completely, did not make spectators felt casualness. Fourth, the light purpose make very well, even though they treasury were not abound, but they maximization make it the best. Fifth, after they act end, they motion make spectators felt civility, because they could align obeisance and spoke some thank-you speech for spectators, I argue that it is important.

In disadvantage: first, the acoustics was too loudly, when actors spoke agitatedly, the voice is too loudly, it was so uncomfortable. Second, the theatre condition was not so well, because there was hot, maybe there’s spectators was too much.

Overall, performance in public of this time, I think it was bravely, no matter what the light purpose, actors stuff, spectators stuff, costumes, properties, paradigm shift behave the best phases.

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    I think it was a nice drama. Although those actors were not entertainers, yet they had made such a great drama. It was not easy to acquire applause from audience.There were some advantages and disadvantages that I have found. Speaking of advantages, first, I felt all actors were acting very seriously, include two who were portraying trees, they did not even make a move from the start to the end. Second, the prince and the princess conjugate very well, it seems to me that they had practiced quite a lot, and I believe the audience would all agree with me. Third, their costumes were made much better than expected, which did not disappoint the audience. Fourth, with good lighting, the little treasure that they had on the stage was totally maximized. Fifth, after their play ended, their motion had made the audience feel gracious. They could align obeisance and presented their thank-you notes to the audience, I personally think what they had done was important for the whole play.Yet, there were some disadvantages. First, the acoustic system was not well adjusted. When actors spoke agitatedly during the play, the voice was too loud, which was so uncomfortable to the audience. Second, the theatre’s temperature was not conditioned very well and it was hot.  Maybe it’s because there was too much audience in the theatre.I think the performance overall in the public of this time was brave, no matter what were present, such as the lighting, the actor as well as their costumes, and the audience who enjoyed the play.1. 文法應該著重基本句子的架構2. 對使用的動詞和名詞的意義不清楚, 連西班牙文字都當英文用3. 加強過去式和過去分詞的使用

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