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請問 現在美國紐約的稅率是4%嗎若是在網路的官方網站的價錢算法是否為定價*稅率(4%)=實際購買價嗎再請問 若是以觀光名義去的話 可以退稅嗎謝謝

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    定價*稅率(4%)=實際購買價嗎?  NO: Items 1-11 above, the City sales tax rate is 4 percent (in addition to the New York State sales and use tax of 4 percent and the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District surcharge of 0.375%), for a total Sales and Use tax of 8.375 percent定價*(1+稅率(8.375%))=實際購買價觀光名義去的話 可以退稅嗎? NOA. 還有時間可以繞道NEW JERSEY去買,那裡應該買衣服和鞋子是免稅的.B. 如果您請求商店郵寄, 他們將免銷售稅PSThere is no sales tax imposed on the purchase of clothing and footwear valued under $110. The New York State tax rate of 4.375% (including the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District rate) was repealed effective April 1, 2006, and the New York City tax rate of 4% was eliminated effective September 1, 2005. If you know of a merchant that is still charging sales tax on clothing and footwear purchases of less than $110 please contact Finance's Tax Enforcement Division to report the matter. You may also complete and mail a refund request to the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance to recoup the erroneously charged sales tax in these instances. On Item 12 above, the City imposes a 6 percent tax and an additional 8 percent surtax (on parking, garaging, or storing motor vehicles in Manhattan).

    Source(s): NY Governement
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