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He's tamed a wild pony.(英文文法不懂

He\'s tamed a wild pony.



wild 在這裡是名詞、還是形容詞


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    tamed 在這句裏面應該是及物動詞wild 在這裏是形容詞he's tamed a wild pony.= 他馴服了一匹小野馬『小王子』裏面就有關於 tame 有名的一段話:'Come and play with me,' suggested the little prince.'I'm terribly sad.'"來跟我玩" 小王子建議說,"我好傷心"

    'I can't play with you,' said the fox. 'I am not tame.' <-- 形容詞"我不能跟你玩"狐狸說,"因為我還沒有被馴服"...... 'What does "tame" mean ?'"tame 是什麼意思?"..... 'To me, you are still only a small boy, just

    like a hundred thousand other small boys. And I have no need of you.

    And you in turn have no need of me. To you, I'm just a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, then we shall need each other.' <-- 動詞"對我來說,你也只是個小男孩,就像其他十萬個小男孩一樣。我不需要你。而你也不需要我。對你來說,我也只像其他十萬隻狐貍一樣。但是如果你馴服了我,那麼我們就會需要對方"

    Source(s): me + 小王子
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    He's tamed a wild pony

    他已馴服了 一匹小野馬。

    He has tamed a wild pony.

    has tamed 現在完成式, tamed 在此非形容詞,為past participle過去分詞

    wild為形容詞Adjective 形容 Pony.

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