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杰穗 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


Waitress:Hi!How are you doing today?Are you ready to order?

lan King:Yes,Iam,thank you.I\'ll have the Farmer\'s Breakfast.

Waitress:How would you like your eggs-sunnyside-up,over-easy,or...?

lan King:Sunnyside-up?

Waitress:Oh,I see. You\'re British! Well, that\'s when the egg\'s not flipped over.You can

also have your eggs poached or scrambled.

lan King:Uh, I think I\'ll have them poached.

Waitress: And will that be link sausage, bacon,or country ham?

lan King:Bacon,please.Instead of the Bacon,could I have pancakes?

Waitress:Sorry,sir.I\'m afraid the pancakes will be a side order.

lan King:All right,then. A side order of pancakes.

Waitress:Anything to drink?

lan King:Ah,yes.A coffee,please,and fresshly-squeezed orange juice.

Waitress:Cream and sugar are on the table. I\'ll bring your order right away.

lan King:Thank you.Could I also have a glass of water?

Waitress:Sure.Coming right up.

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