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如題...3分鐘英文演講稿...如何與別人相處?How to Get Along with Other People?

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    A sense of humor means a quality of mind that enables one to see and tell the amusing side of things. It's neccessary in our life when we get along with other people. A person with a sense of humor always makes people laugh. He can create the pleasant social atmosphere and win friendship. We are often attracted to those who have a sense of humor. However, a person without a sense of humor always takes life too seriously. He may lose his natural vitality and feel life is no laughing matter. Then he may become a dull, tiresome person. And we see fewer and fewer smiles, hear less and less laughter around us in our daily life. What a boring thing it is! Therefore, we must never forget that a sense a humor helps us keep life in perspective. In conclusion, be humorous and you will be an optimistic person and get along with other people.


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    Think of Others 爲別人著想

    We are very lucky to be living in this time and age. It is now very hard for us to imagine the hardships that our parents had to go through not so long ago. We now live easier and more prosperous lives.

    Fortunate as we are, we should never lose sight of our obligations and responsibility to our fellow man. Whatever happens to one eventually affects all of us.

    In our busy lives now, take some time to think of others and, if you can, give a helping hand.

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