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    您好:提供您這個網頁-- String Bean In Button Mushrooms


         MaterialsButton Mushroom     1/2 canString Bean      150 gMinced Chinese Ham    1 tbspTianjin Preserved Vegetable    30 gSpring Onion     3 stalks Seasoning   Salt    1/3 tbspLight Soy Sauce    1 tbspSugar   1/3 tbspSesame Oil     someWater     2 tbsp        Steps1)  Slice the button mushrooms, parboil in hot oil for a while, dish up2)  Wash the preserved vegetable, squeeze out water, then mince3)  Trim away the end of string bean, cut in shorts stalks4)  Parboil the string beans in hot oil till wrinkle, dish up5)  Heat wok with 1 tbsp of oil, add preserved vegetable, then the mushroom6)  Stir slowly, then add string beans and seasoning        7)  Stir and mix well until liquid becomes dry, add spring onion8)  Dish up, dash the minced Chinese ham on, serve這裡也不少囉!http:...

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