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POP asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago




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    1 decade ago
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    來回答你的問題囉~記得在要考大學前,我為了要考上我心目中理想的學校,於是開始計畫每天應該要看哪些書該做些什麼,把整個行程排到考試的前一天,每天我都按照計劃去做,該在今日看完的書我一定在當天看完,非常有恆心,絕不拖延到隔天,努力沒有白費,我果真考上了國立高雄第一科技大學,完成我的理想,因此,因為那次的經驗深深的讓我了解到,今日事今日畢的重要性,若當時我沒有那樣做,一天拖一天的,每天沒有按照計劃去看書,我想今天我就不會站在這裡了!!所以大家都要學會「今日事,今日畢」現在如果我每次做不下就想到「今日事,今日畢」,只要能做到這六個字,將來一定會有成果的。Remember before the examination of university, I want to get into the school I want go to, so I started to plan what book I should read each day, I what should I done for each day, scheduled to the day before the examination day, I followed the schedule for every single day, something must be done today I will finish it on time, always stay on task, never push to the following day, and also, my hard working does not goes to waste, I finally get into the First National Technology University of Kaohsiung, finished my goal, so, after this experience, I deeply understand, that something should be done today must finish it on time, if I did not follow that rule before, push things back to the next day, I think I will not standing here right now!! So everyone must learn how to “finish the task on time” so very time I can not keep doing things I always remember “finish the task on time”, if we can follow this quote, it must be a bright future for us.希望對你有幫助囉

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  • 1 decade ago

    Remembered in must gain admission to in front of the university.I in order to must test in my mind the ideal school.Thereupon starts to plan should have every day to look which books should make any, arranges the entire travelling schedule to the test day before.Every day I all defer to plan do.Should look in today the book I certainly looked in the same day, extremely has the perseverance.Diligently has not wasted, I really gained admission to the state-run Gaoxiong first scientific and technical university to complete my ideal.Therefore, because that experience is deep lets me understand today

    matter today finishes importance.At that time if I did not have such to do.One day tows one day-long according to not to plan reads.I thought today I could not stand in here!

    Therefore everybody must learn "today matter, today finishes".Now if I each time cannot do.I think of this speech.So long as can achieve these six characters, future certainly will be able to have the achievement.

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