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請英文高手幫我翻譯一些自我介紹的內容 ,老師尤佳







我的身高是 175 體重是 67 (數字請用英文回答並且加單位,謝謝!)





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    Looking for a job recently, one day met a executive and asked me to introduce myself in English, because my degree is not good , and offhand, so, only say three sentences briefly , want to ask past masters to help me to translate following sentences, thanks. (I degree very good, so is it say some too difficult ones to want either, only want to study the basic one well first , so as not to let people think by mistake that one's own English was very good, and cause the puzzlement at work in the future , so please answer on being the following , thanks! Please don't look through the machine or the software , the human brain is clever)

    I was born a simple family, there are no siblings in the family

    Parents' way of disciplining is to take enlightened way

    My interest is: Read, music, travel

    My speciality is: Draw in rule, accountant , China hits , Great Britain hitting

    My individual character is: Conscientious , aggressive , enterprising , bear hardships and stand hard work , like keeping in touch and communicating to coordinate with people.

    My height is that weight 175 is 67 (figure please answer and add the unit in English, thanks! )

    Will strengthen English ability and computer technical ability when being idle , will in order to benefit the full play at work in the future

    Corporation's experience: Have joined to learn the activity group to help in the training

    A thing regarded as an honour: The high school once passed during the same term hour - Calculation with an abacus, China makes, Great Britain hits , the accountant assayed third grade, nearly there were more than 50 people in the whole class at that time, only about four , five people could accomplish .

    The above is my brief introduction of individual, thanks!

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