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The Little Match Girl

  Once upon a time a little girl tried to make a living by selling matches in the street.

  The snow-clad streets were deserted. From brightly lit windows came the tinkle of laughter and the sound of singing. But the poor little match seller sat sadly beside the fountain. Her ragged dress and worn shawl did not keep out the cold. She hadn\'t sold one box of matches all day and she was frightened to go home, for her father would certainly be angry.

  The little girl\'s fingers were stiff with cold. If only she could light a match! But what would her father say at such a waste! Falteringly she took out a match and lit it. What a nice warm flame! The little match seller cupped her hand over it, and as she did so, she magically saw in its light a big brightly burning stove.



She held out her hands to the heat, but just then the match went out and the vision faded. The night seemed darker than before and it was getting colder.


Update 2:

After hesitating for a long time, she struck another match on the wall, and this time the glimmer turned the wall into a great sheet of crystal.

Update 3:

Beyond that stood a fine table laden with food and lit by a candlestick. Holding out her arms towards the plates, the little match seller seemed to pass through the glass, but then the match went out and the magic faded.


Update 4:

She lit the third match and an even more wonderful thing happened. There stood a Christmas tree hung with hundreds of candles, glittering with tinsel and colored balls. "Oh, how lovely!" exclaimed the little match seller, holding up the match. Then, the match burned her finger and flickered out.

Update 5:

  Scarcely aware of what she was doing, the little match seller lit another match. This time, she saw her grandmother. "Granny, stay with me!" she pleaded, as she lit one match after the other, so that her grandmother would not disappear like all the other visions.


Update 6:

 However, Granny did not vanish, but gazed smilingly at her. Then she opened her arms and the little girl hugged her crying: "Granny, take me away with you!"


Update 7:

A cold day dawned and a pale sun shone on the fountain and the icy road. Close by lay the lifeless body of a little girl surrounded by spent matches. "Poor little thing!" exclaimed the passersby. "She was trying to keep warm!"


Update 8:

But by that time, the little match seller was far away, where there is neither cold, nor hunger, nor pain.


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    小女孩的手指頭因為寒冷變得僵硬。如果她可以點一根火柴! 但是她爸爸對這樣的浪費會怎麼說? 遲疑地,她拿出了一根火柴並點燃了。多麼溫暖的火焰呀! 賣火柴的小女孩把手圍著點燃的火柴,當她這麼做的時候,不可思議地她在火焰中看到了一個很大很亮燃燒中的火爐。




    她點燃了第三根火柴,然後一件更奇妙的事發生了。那裡出現了一棵掛了上百根蠟燭的聖誕樹,閃爍著金銀箔還有彩色的球。賣火柴的小女孩驚叫著 "喔,多美呀!",並舉高火柴。接著,火柴燒到了她的手指,然後搖曳幾下熄滅了。

    幾乎沒有注意到自己在做什麼,賣火柴的小女孩又點燃了另一根火柴。這一次她看到她的祖母。"祖母,請留在我身邊!" 她懇求著,並點燃了一根又一根的火柴,所以她祖母不會像其他的影像一樣消失。



    一個寒冷的天漸漸亮了,微弱的陽光照射噴水池及結冰的路上。在附近躺著一個無生命的小女孩的身體被用過的火柴圍繞著。路人說著 "可憐的小東西,她在試著保持溫暖!"


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    The Little Match Girl(賣火柴的少女(小女孩))

     Once upon a time a little girl tried to make a living by selling matches in the street.


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    這就是賣火柴的小女孩押 去書店找中文版網路也有...你是要每句都翻嗎 目的是?

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