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丫丫 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


Dear Seller . My name is Lawrence Nile, I live and work with British Airways IN LONDON. I am interested in buying your MOBILE PHONES WHICH I SAW ON Yahoo Auction for my Pastor as his Birthday Gift,I will offer you NTD 15,950.00 for MOBILE PHONES including the shipping Through UPS EXPRESS. I will make the payment through HSBC ONLINE BANK TRANSFER wish was safe and fast way to send Money to oversea and I will need you to reply me asap..Thanks....nice to hear back from you. Here is my email: ( ) KINDLY WRITE ME BACK THROUGH MY PERSONAL EMAIL FOR QUICK TRANSACTION. THANKS LAWRENCE P\'S HOW MANY PCS DO YOU HAVE IN STOCK???? PLS LET ME KNOW... FAST PAYMENT ASAP

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    賣方你好,我的名子叫Lawrence Nile,我住倫敦,在Airways上班。我有意願買你在雅虎拍賣的行動電話,想送給我的(牧師??)當作生日禮物。我會付NTD15950買那支電話(包含運費)。我會用HSBC ONLINE BANK TRANSFER寄錢過去。希望這是個安全快速的方法把錢送過去!我希望你能盡快回我。謝謝,我將會很高興聽到你的答覆,這是我的Email:(。(請務必回覆我,這樣交易可以盡速完成)你那裡還有多少庫存貨?請讓我知道好嘛?


    2006-05-06 18:51:57 補充:

    NTD應該是一個價錢單位 應該不會是新台幣15950*

    2006-05-06 18:57:21 補充:

    NTD好像是NT Dollars@@

    2006-05-06 19:05:30 補充:

    It's a used phone(I've used it for 1 or 2 months).There's no need to pay it for NTD15950,just for NTD8000.If you still have interest in it,you can send email to me.('m not master in English.Could you plz communicate with me in Chinese?

    2006-05-06 19:05:59 補充:


    Source(s): 高二的濫腦袋
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    I want 50 Pcs of 2 GiG Nano.

    Thanks very much for written me...

    I just got back from work and I am very happy to read from you... . I

    am Buying it for my pastor, as a birthday gift...

    2006-05-29 09:34:47 補充:

    hope you do

    understand that this is the matter of the urgency.. I will make the payment

    through My Online Hsbc Bank Transfer Directly into your account... I will

    make the payment, so Once I make the Payment my bank will e-mail you

    with the payment reciept comfirmation..

    2006-05-29 09:35:01 補充:

    so You have to shipment the Item

    out to my Pastor through UPS courier service and email me and my bank

    the Tracking number or the airwaybill reciept from UPS... I will need

    the following details for the bank transfer:

    2006-05-29 09:35:22 補充:

    Beneficiary's Name:

    Bank Name:

    Account Number:


    Total Iteem Price + shipping through UPS:

    Email address:

    Bank Phone number:

    Beneficiary's Phone number:

    2006-05-29 09:35:40 補充:

    My Pastor shipping address:

    Name: Oluwaseun Opeyemi

    Address: No 43 Osuntokun ave, Old Bodija

    City: Ibadan

    State:Oyo State

    Country: Nigeria

    Postal code:200001

    Telephone Number: +2348025918275

    Awaiting your reply...


    God Bless

    Dr Lawrence

    2006-05-29 09:37:11 補充:

    以上是我所收到的MAIL,名字和你一樣是Dr Lawrence,查了很多資料確定是騙人的,以下連結你可以參考看看

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