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如何讓VMware Tools的驅動程式支援1280X800

我是使用VMware Workstation 版本5.00 build-13124 灌Win2k

但是他的VMware Tools 螢幕解析度並不支援1280x800



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    If you want to configure a Windows virtual machine to run another resolution (such as a WXGA / widescreen display), look at - then search for "1003" (which takes you to Knowledge Base article #1003). This will step you through the necessary steps to add a new resolution into the Windows virtual machine.

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    關於 的解答,有不少人因為看不懂而發E-Mail給我Orz,在此補充一下:網站上所指修改登錄檔,是指在"虛擬機器上的OS"!!祝大家能夠順利解決~~

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