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請問Frent!的Angie Hart現在在做什麼 ?

請問已解散的團體Frent!的主唱Angie Hart現在在做什麼有人知道嗎 ?聽說已經嫁人了是真的嗎 ?有相關的資料嗎 ?

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    frentE 吧

    聽說有出單曲-Try To Think Less( 2005 3)CD-Single AUS

    2006 has seen Angie make a permanent return to her home town of Melbourne. She has also been writing in earnest towards her first ever solo album.

    Angie looks set to release the album in 2007 and to tour the album extensively both in Australia and overseas. For further information and regular updates on Angie Hart please be sure to visit the official Angie Hart website which is Angie-Hart.com.

    For management and booking enquiries please email contactwill@optusnet.com.au

    2006-05-07 01:37:52 補充:

    Hart and Tobias married on 22 March 1997 in Austin, Texas and settled in Los Angeles

    Source(s): Angie-Hart.com.
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