World peace一首歌,請問是誰唱的?

我知道world peace是孔令奇唱的,






我聽到的關鍵字就是world peace,歌手中文名字發音大約是\"ㄊㄤˊ ㄓㄨ ㄌ一ˋ\"~~其實我早就忘記名字,只是依稀記得...非常不確定的發音.


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    是他唱的喔歌手:孔令奇歌名:World Peace作詞:小蟲/孔令奇/Crusader X 作曲:孔令奇Sing It Sing It Loud 爽就好不管有什麼天氣 We Ganna Have A Party明天太陽還是跑不掉Show Some Love 一點的愛情Have A Litte World Peace昨天在工作的路上 我發覺世界不太和平前面那堆自以為美的醜女竟也管到隔壁家的狗放屁It don't even matter what you look like禿頭 alright醜的要命 沒有必要 哦哦哦髮型怪怪 走路又怪怪那麼無聊 Look at them 哦哦哦哦哦哦 別哇哇叫 Please no moreThere arm wars in Africa我受不了你囉唆If your dad , wears high soxUses brylcreamAnd cheaper than un that's coolIf your mama goes out with a whitepaintedfacewitch the bright red lips, that's coolIf you're fat little kid in middle schoolEverybody be wanting to pick on youRelax one day , you'll get them backI told you , that you would狗仔新聞爛的要命我發現大家缺少勇氣如果真的要沒事東管西管 何不自己先當垃圾分類處理It doesn't matter how you wanna play allnight all day如果你不會 別說 哦哦哦轉載來自 ※Http:// 魔鏡歌詞網 Pink hair red hair long hair no hairLike how you look, just screm 哦哦哦哦哦哦 你應該享受生活Sun is high in airSo please don't worry no moreIf you just got blownoff by your girl friendAll you gotta say your loss , who caresWith your dashing good looks and JamesBond charmThere's a whole sea of girls out there如果你的同事告狀你的事放心 他沒有朋友And if you feel like no one cares about youCome party with me , let's goIf don't even matter where you live at bighouse , small shackIf you livin large speak on 哦哦哦Black ones , white ones , yellow ones ,brown onesDon't need the color segregation No No NoNo No No color don't matter no more阿拉伯人走過去為什麼你回頭If everybody in the world was the sameHow boring a place this world beThere would be 小七 小王 小漢 小胖And everyone would look like me下一次 lighten up , just go with the flowAnd if the flow ain't flowin, just make itflow everybody wants to live like they seeon the cribsBe happy with your life and move on

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