What are the seven deadly sins?

What case in the film repersents each sin?

ex: Gluttony a very fat guy dying from keeping being fed

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    是要用英文打嗎?真有挑戰性....I'll give it a try.

    Seven deadly sins

    Gluttony: A very fat man was forced to eat constantly and died at last.

    Greed: A stingy lawyer who died like the way of the Shakespeare's play - "The Jew of Venice", cutting a pound of his own flesh and bled to death.

    Sloth: A man was kept lying on the bed for a year. Although he was alive when the police found him, death is inevitable because he was too weak to survive.

    Pride: A beautiful woman's nose was cut off, and she had a choice to live but disfigured or to commit suicide. She chose to kill herself.

    Lust: A man was forced by the killer putting on some sort of device like a condom with a blade, then have sex with a prostitute. Of course the girl was stabbed to death.

    Envy: The killer envied that Mills (Brad Pitt) has a sweet family and a pretty wife. He tried to play husband but failed, and he killed Mills' wife, Tracy.

    Wrath: Knowing the lost of his wife and unborn baby, Mills turned furious and shot the killer to death.


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