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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago








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    2 decades ago
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    專有名稱不能用翻譯機,不然會錯誤百出,尤其是與政府的政策有關的英文翻譯,更要以官方的英文版本為主喔替代役 = substitute service(s)請見替代役役籍管理辦法的條文中英文對照( Implementation Act for Substitute Services- 替代役實施條例還有內政部消防月刊上面有篇(消防替代役之受訓感想 The impression of the substitute service training) = CommonWealth Magazine請看天下雜誌的創刊介紹: = Business Weekly請見商業週刊網站高雄市文化局 = Cultural Affairs Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government請見: =  bidding service(s)  採購法 =  Acquisition Regulation 或 Procurement ActFederal Acquisition Regulation(美國聯邦採購法)Introduction to the Government Procurement Act.(政府採購法介紹. )藝文活動 = Art & Cultural Activities行銷= Marketing 社區營造 = Community Empowering 或 COMMUNITY INFRASTRUCTURE中華民國社區營造學會= Community Empowering Society ROC (金山面社區營造 ("Fengkungism" : The Infrastructure of "Chinshanmien" Community.) 陳板 (Pan Chen) ( =Cultural Affairs Bureau 出差 = on a business trip

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    Battle it substitute替代役

    Magazine all over the world 天下雜誌

    Business Weekly 商業週刊

    Cultural bureau of Kaohsjung 高雄市文化局

    Bid business 招標業務

    Law of purchase 採購法

    Gentle activity of skill 藝文活動

    Marketing 行銷

    The community building 社區營造

    Cultural bureau 文化局

    On business 出差

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