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An elementary section of the structure with dA area, perpendicular to the heat flow is considered. Caused by the p(x, y) dA heat rate, a temperature difference develops between the two sides of the elementary column of the silicon as follows: (4)

As a result of the Seebeck effect, this temperature difference generates an Ug electromotive force: (5)

The electrical conductance of the dA section is (6)

This means that the electrical model of the dA section is a voltage source, with finite serial inner resistance (Thévenin model) as it is shown in Fig. 4a.


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    由p(x、y)造成熱率,溫差逐漸產生,介於的兩邊矽元素柱,如下: (4)

    當Seebeck影響的結果,這個溫差產生一個Ug電動勢: (5)


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    dA部分的電傳導是 (6)這意指dA部分的電型是一個電壓源、和一連串限定的內部電阻 (Thevenin 型)當它顯示於圖4a。

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