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郁錡 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago



1、In art, the tendency of gouache colors to lighten on drying makes___a wide range of pearly or pastel-like effects. A. it is possible B. possible C. possible to be D. it possible the 答案是B,可是為什麼D選項不行呢

2、Outbreaks of diseases in trees commonly occur ___stressed because of drought or other environmental factors. A. as forests that become B. in forests become C. that become forests D. when forests become 答案是D,那為什麼B不行呢?

3、To break thick ice, an icebreaker boat moves fast enough to ride up on the ice, ___under its weight. A. so then breaks B.when breaks it C. which then breaks D. for which then breaks 答案是C ,同樣的也是幫我解釋一下吧


4、Coral formations have known as fringing reefs are located close to shore, separated from land only by shallow water. A. have known B, are located C. separated from D. shallow water 答案是A錯,可以解釋一下嗎

5、For a seagoing, cargo-carrying sailing vessels, the clipper ship was remarkably fast.

A. For B.vessels C. remarkably D fast 答案是B,同樣的也是需要解釋一下

6. The cork oak tree has a layer of cork several inches thickness that can be stripped every ten years. A. a layer B. thickness C. every D. years 答案是B,有人可以解釋一下為什麼不是D嗎?


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    2 decades ago
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    1. D. 明顯不對. makes it possible "the a" .. ? 怎會有兩個冠詞 ? 句子只是把possible的位置移動了一下, make possible something = make something possible. 所以B.是正確答案.

    2. B. 漏了which. 若改成 in forests "which" become 也可以接受.

    3. "which"在這裡是代明詞, 代表ice. 若改成兩句簡單句子, 第二句就是 The ice then breaks under its (i.e. the icebreaker's) weight.

    4. "known as" 在這裡是形容 coral formation 通常被人叫作 fringing reefs. have後面 是 verb (動詞), 不會是形容詞的.

    5. For "a"...... 後面當然是單數. vessel"s"是複數.

    6. 怎會是D.? ten years 十年, 複數, 當然是year"s". Thickness 是名詞, thick是形容詞. seversl inches thickness = 數寸厚度, 看到中文也不對吧. 應是數寸"的"厚度或 數寸厚. 英文要用thickness也是漏了那個"的". 應是several inches "in" thickness 或 several inches "thick".

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