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紐西蘭 英文版的簡介??




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    The population in nz is quiet low. The air is clean, and there are many sheeps in the island. Moreover the envirnment is so beatiful.

    Nz is called "the homeland of the clouds and the kingdom of the sheeps". Everyone who comes here are all surprised on the cleaness, friendly manner and the peace

    of the island. Nz consists volcano, fiord, ocean, mountains and a wide board of the geography. Therefore it contributes the wonderful nature surrounding in Nz.

    The term of sheeps, its said that there are about 4800 thousands of sheeps all around the country. In average, each person can have 4 sheeps. There are many people said that you may not see lots of people in nz but you are surely to see a lot of sheeps. The most common description for Nz is that: There are hundred of groups of sheeps enjoyed on the pasture under a lovely sunshine!

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