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Adult schools...

ok... the 1st time i heard of the term "adult schools". I was laughing my butt off. And then people clarified for me that adult schools were schools for the adults.Well... I was laughing even harder. a school that\'s Rated A for adults (18+)...Now I know what an adult school is, but why do they not call it something else? The term "adult school" doesn\'t seem to have a very positive image towards learning.


I bet there's a real "adult school" that teaches ppl the real skills.

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    The thing is that, you're obsessed with the dirty image of the "adult school" when you're in Taiwan. For those English native speakers, when people cannot complete their high school education before 19 years old, the only way is to finish the required courses at the continuing education center for adult education. IT IS VERY COMMON THING IN NORTH AMERICA, EVEN THE TERM ITSELF HAS NO NEGATIVE IMAGE. Do be fooled by what you've learnt in Asia.

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    Typo -- *Don't

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    Yep, and you will be the principal of that stupid kind of school...

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    wouldn't "school/institution for mature age students" sound better?

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