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    Clerk: Hi! Welcome to Victoria's Secret. How are you ladies doing today?

    A & B: Great! Thanks!

    Clerk: Are you looking for anything particular?

    B: Yes, the mother's day is coming next week, and we will like to get some present for mom.

    Clerk: How about our best seller the garden clloection body lotion?

    A: Um ... they are nice but I think my mom still have some. Is there anything else that you will recommand?

    Clerk: How about the panties? They are all on sale, 3 for 25?

    B: A, how do you think about that ? Do you think mom will like this?

    A: I guess it will be a bit too sexy. Maybe we should just get some fragrance for her.

    B: You are right. We would like to have this fragrance gift set, please.

    Clerk: No problem. That is a good choice. I will ring you over there in just a minute.


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  • 後選二號有些文法上的錯誤,建議選一號,簡單明瞭

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  • 1 decade ago

    Clerk: Hi, there. May I help you?

    Mom: Oh! Thanks. We’re just looking.

    Clerk: No problem. The skirts are on sale. Buy one get one free.

    Mom: I see. Thank you.

    Ally: Mom. Look at the blue skirt. It’s so pretty.

    Mom: Yes, it is.

    Clerk: Would you like to try it on?

    Ally: Yes, please.

    Clerk: Which size are you?

    Ally: I’m a size 14.

    Clerk: Here you are.

    Ally: Can you tell me where the fitting room is?

    Clerk: Sure. It is in back of the service desk.

    Ally: Thank you.

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