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口*3 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago

lone 的變形字形容詞的差別..?






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    ●LONE--[only before noun]只放在名詞前= solitary


    used to talk about the only person or thing in a place, or the only person or thing that does something

    ◎A lone figure was standing at the bus stop.一個孤單的身影矗立在巴士站


    lone mother/father/parent etc 單親媽媽,單親爸爸..

    [British English] someone who looks after their children on their own


    lone wolf=someone who prefers to be alone ,孤狼=比較喜歡獨處的人


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    also= lonesome [American] unhappy because of being alone or without friends因為孤獨或沒有朋友而不開心。= lonesome Tammy felt very lonely when she first arrived in New York.I get so lonesome here with no-one to talk to.

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    very unhappy because you are alone or have no friends同意字 lonely●Beth is lonesome without the children.貓王有一首歌--ARE U lonesome tonight?

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    If you are alone in a place, there is no one with you= by Yourself●She lives alone .獨居[未必不快樂]You shouldn't leave a child alone in the house.不要把小孩一個人留在家裡2without any friends or people you know沒有朋友,沒有認識的人●It was scary being all alone in a strange city. 在都市裡,沒半個相識的人,亂可怕

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    最常用Leave me alone.不要管我[留下我-〝一個人的狀態〞]

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