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乖honey乖 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

請幫我將一段英文翻譯成中文 (急~10點)

Like Boo-Boo, Stoney is a bit of a loner. The only Hallway Hangers to hold stable employment, Stoney works full time in a pizza shop. His regular income, which he recently used to buy a car, earns him a measure of deference from the other boys, but Stoney lacks the cockiness and bravado necessary for high stature within the group. Skinny and averse to street fights, Stoney perpetually but ineffectively strives to rid himself of the label”pussy”. Stoney does share with the other boys an enthusiasm for beer and drugs; he has been arrested for possession of mescaline and is psychologically dependent on marijuana. He has a steady girlfriend(another anomaly for the Hallway Hangers, who generally reject serious relationships in favor of more casual romantic encounters ) with whom he spends much of his time, but Stoney still values the friendship of the Hallway Hangers and remains an integral member of the group.

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    象喝倒采喝倒采一樣,模造大理石是少許性格孤癖的人。 舉行穩定的工作的唯一的門廳吊架,模造大理石在一家披薩餅商店全職工作。 他的有規律的收入,他最近過去常常買一輛小汽車, 從其它男孩為他贏得有點敬重,但是模造大理石缺乏為在組內的高的身高必要的自大和作威。 削瘦和在街道反對戰鬥,模造大理石永久但是無效努力改掉label〃pussy〃。 模造大理石確實與其它男孩同享啤酒和藥的熱情; 他已經因墨斯卡靈的擁有被逮捕並且心理上倚賴野生煙草。 他有一個穩定的女朋友(門廳吊架的另一異常, 誰一般有利于更偶然的浪漫的遭遇拒絕嚴肅的關係)與誰他度過他的大部分時間, 但是模造大理石仍然重視門廳吊架的友誼並且保持一名組的不可缺少的成員。

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