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如提:國 中 英 文 一 些 重 要 的 片 語

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    1.above all = most of all 最重要

    2.all at once = suddenly 突然

    3.all day long = the entire day 整天

    4.all right = yes,okay 好;沒關係 a matter of fact = in fact 事實上 to = about 關於 usual = as always 照常 first = in the beginning 起初;一開始

    9. at last = finally,in the end 最後;終究

    10. at least = in the minimum 最少;至少 once = right away 馬上;立刻 times = sometimes 有時;偶爾

    13.break down = fail to function or operate 故障;拋錨

    14. break out = begin suddenly 突然發生

    15.bring something in = produce something 獲利

    16. bring someone up = rear someone 撫養某人 heart = by memory 背誦 the way = incidentally 順便說 out = cry out 大聲喊叫求救 something off = cancel 取消某事;終止

    21.carry on with something = continuce 繼續做某事

    22.catch fire = begin to burn 著火;燃燒

    23. catch cold = become ill with a cold 感冒

    24.change one's mind = alter one's decision or plan 改變心義

    25.come true = become true 實現;成真

    26.come up against something = opposition 反對

    27.cross something out = cancel 刪去

    28. cut something off = stop something 中止某事;切斷某物 after day = day in and day out = day by day = daily 日復一日;一天又一天

    30.dress up = put on one's best clothers 盛裝


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