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asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago



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    又細分為1.現在式的被動語態 is(are)+pp 例:主動式~May opens the book.

    被動式~The book is opened by May.

    2.過去式的被動語態 was (were)+PP例:主動式~Bill washed the car.

    被動式 The car was washed by Bill.

    3.未來式的被動語態will be+PP 例:主動式 May will do the work.

    被動式 The work will be done by May.

    4.進行式的被動語態is (are,was,were)+being+PP

    例:主動式~John is playing the game.

    被動式 The game is being played by John.


    例:主動式May has done her homework.

    被動式May's homework has been done by her.

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