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Like the other three boys, Chris is a self-professed alcoholic who also admits to being dependent on marijuana. Chris’s father(Who does not live at home) is black, and his mother is white, which gives Chris an ethnic heritage that makes his appearance by the rest of the Hallway Hangers difficult. A tall, very slender youth, Chris is loud and talkative but without the self-confidence and poise of Shorty or Frankie. He is often the object of the other boys’ abuse, both verbal and physical but nevertheless has some stature in the group largely because of his loyalty and sense of humor.Boo-Boo, the other black member of the Hallway Hangers, is a tall, quiet, dark-skinned youth. His serious nature makes him a less frequent target of abuse, which begins as playful racial barbs but often degenerates into downright racial animosity. Like Chris, Boo-Boo is a follower. A sincere and earnest boy, his general demeanor is at odds with the violence and bluster that characterize the group as a whole. Nevertheless, Boo-Boo has been known to fight---and quite effectively---when seriously antagonized and, generally, is held in moderate esteem by the rest of the boys.

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    像另外三個男孩,克里斯是也承認依賴大麻的自己-明言的酒鬼。 克里斯的父親 (不住在家)是黑色的,而且他的母親是白色的,哪一個給克里斯使走廊弔骨的其它部分的他的外表困難的民族的遺產。 一個高又非常苗條的年輕人 , 克里斯是大聲的和喜歡說話的但是 沒有自信和矮個子或 Frankie 的平衡。他時常是其他男孩的虐待的物體,既口述的且實際的但是然而因為他的忠誠和幽默感主要地在團體中有一些身材。

    大錯,走廊弔骨的另一個黑色成員,是高的﹐安靜,黑暗-剝皮年輕人。 他的嚴重自然使他成為一個虐待的比較不時常目標,這開始當愛打趣的種族倒鉤但是時常進入明白的種族仇恨之內退化。 像克里斯,大錯是一個從者。 一個誠懇的和認真的男孩 , 他的一般態度以暴力不合而且狂吹那整體而言描述團體的特徵。 然而,大錯已經被知道對抗---和相當有效地---當嚴重地 何時嚴重地反對了而且,通常,在男孩的其它部分旁邊的適度尊敬中被拿著。

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