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hzea6180 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago

Separate by and Separate from


Separate by

Separate from

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  • YLJ
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    2 decades ago
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    用具體的概念來想像, 會比較容易瞭解 separate by 與 separate from的差別原本是好好的/完整的/結合在一起的,卻因為外來力量讓它被迫分開,就要用 separate by。比方說戰爭爆發讓許許多多家庭變成失散流離,就可寫:Many families were separated by war.另一種情況是地理方面的,比方說台灣跟中國大陸中間隔著一道台灣海峽,也要用 separate by:Taiwan and China are separated by Taiwan Strait.還有是與被區隔/區別開來的概念有關,比方說,有些人認為美國雖然是一這種族大融爐,但是種族問題還是使得整個社會分隔開來成為"兩個社會",就可以寫:1)Some said that the United States was, in fact, two societies, separated by race. 2)Products are separated by different categories. (用不同類別把全部產品區分開來)至於separate from,中文解釋可以說成從某某東西脫離/抽離/剝離開來或者與某某分散開來,可能比較容易瞭解,separate from的重點在與(原本與它相連在一起的東西),不像separate by 是強調那個(導致分開的外力)例如,生產過後,胎盤會從子宮壁上面脫離開來:*The placenta was separated from the uterine wall. (原本胎盤跟子宮是黏在一起的,所以這邊的脫離要用saparate from)*He was separated from his girlfriend.(他跟女朋友分了)*Reuniting children separated from their families after the Rwandan crisis of 1994.(幫助1994年盧安達危機當中與家人分散的孩童們與家人重新團圓)重點在於:原本一家人是在一起的,小朋友是跟父母在一起,所以要說separate from,如果句意要強調戰爭,戰爭 = 外力,那就是 separate by了,使用起來是靈活的喔^^

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    separated by -比較是字面上的...使分離 使分開 使驅散開 使分散..

    Separate from -是比較上的時候比較會用到 "區分""辨別"


    The two communities are separated by a highway.



    2.ought up in town, the boy finds it difficult to separate a poplar from a willow.


    Source(s): 自己&奇摩字典
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    Separate by






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